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I AM...

art inspiring art: poetry meets design.

Gabrielle Guthrie, designer, creates ten pieces that tell the story of my personal journey, as originally conveyed through my music album Part/Whole.  Its colors, fonts, and re-imagining of the "dot" from piece to piece conveys doubt, depression, deviation, awakening, pride, acceptance, love, renewal, and courage.


From music to graphic, and graphic to poetry, art continues to inspire as I use her work to find new words; each piece of Gabrielle's is accompanied by two stanzas of poetry, exploring the art and pushing us to explore these themes more deeply.  

We are all on a journey, and never truly arrive.  Each step we take is not a destination, but a data point that helps point us toward our next path. 

Gabrielle Guthrie

This virtual art exhibit is live from September 8th to December 1st. 

Part whole.

piece by piece. I find peace. building blocks not known, but forever owned. not who I was. not where I'll be. presently fundamentally Me.


imposter fosters fear processed through the grind of years. over grating We cannot hear. past the fear We do not peer. echoing scattered within the soul a voice cajoling to abide. do not pay for what fear sold. i am enough to get you by.


prepared for a stranger world. the stranger within a bigger threat. emotional debt left unchecked. vines strangle as they unfurl. who prepares for self betrayal? a benedict with malintent? a judas at Our blessed table? who circumvents Our main defense?

Open your eyes.

through blurry vision I envision melancholy days in remission. no longer dazed and confused, but imbued with new attitude. even in lost focus eyes see peripherally. even unfocused We notice it's not hopeless. catching sight of dreams that set Us free.

Music man.

a note finds structure in measures. a word finds place in bars. I found myself in music's treasures. a noteworthy symphony composed of unbarred memoirs. joy and passion interplay perfectly. a harmony underwriting the melody of Me. each memory a stanza; each phase a movement. a rich Composition from heaven sent.

We are kings.

we are Children of the sun. both blessed and scorched from birth. Our glow, unmatched and undone. buried by dirt; extinguish our worth. from the ground We reach to Mother. a Seed of promise no longer smothered. watered by hate, nurtured by pain, reclaim the Son. We rise to reign.

Turn-up life.

head bobs and head nods, blurred vision from party lights or long nights? beat fights the sleep, arrhythmic beat I keep. passing minutes clocked; each punctuating beat drops. beware the pumpkin of Our fears. the stroke of midnight reveals our years. from spring to fall Our joints descend, this turn-up life is at an end.

Force of nature.

arise. I surmise this feeling inside is love. unconditional and infinite a journey magnificent. by heaven sent. a concept incorruptible and innocent. sunkissed, sunburned, sunrise, sun falls. a force of nature nurtures; a force of nature scalds. a force so integral to life, we accept the risk of pain. I embrace the sun; kiss me, burn me, be that force that sustains.

Role model.

two cells diverge, perfect copies. imbued with your greatness in Me. unknown machinery, working instantly. powered by your nurturing energy. nurtured beyond what I'm told I'd be. allowing your greatness to take root in Me. from root to trunk, trunk to branch, branch to leaf. you gave Me the soil to bear fruit from My own tree.


rising within Me, mnemonically. HOPE like the waking sun. honor Our purpose everyday, daughters and sons. be free; awaken and be free. We are born from HOPE. the stories of Our dreams; futures manifested but not yet seen. we are born to HOPE. through hope We beam; with purpose We gleam.

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