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I am dotponder.

I love music.  From my first time picking up a recorder in elementary school, I knew it was something I wanted in my life.  I've been a proud band geek all my life, marching in bands while growing up in Atlanta and playing classically.  I minored in music in college and dove deep on music theory, which I really enjoyed.  I also grew up singing in church and gospel choirs.

I have been arranging musical compositions since at least 2000 when I composed stand pieces and show tunes for marching bands, and started producing with my first M-Audio Controller in 2008.  I am heavily influenced by my roots: Southern rap, Classical music, and gospel.


Albums, EPs, and Singles

Turn-Up Life dotponder cover art
Resist and Soar dotponder cover art
We Are Kings dotponder cover art
Mr. Congeniality dotponder cover art
Part Whole dotponder cover art
Griefstruck dotponder cover art
Fallen Angel dotponder cover art
Colors dotponder cover art
The Sol Project dotponder cover art

"Soul on the Run"



Cover Art dotponder colors

"Imposters vs. Heroes"

black white Cover Art dotponder colors

Suddenly the bystander wakes up the gunslinger
Teach a man to shoot and he comes back with trigger fingers
Off of the ground still feeling the pain linger
What will he do next? This question’s a hand ringer 
Is it an eye for an eye? Or Romeo must die? 
Or can I take to the sky? And leave the violence behind?
One thing I know is you can’t mess with me any
More, revive me like Neo, long live a hero
Whether I blow up the house like Django or 
Let all the pain go, one thing fa sho is, I’ll
Never pretend to be what I already am
Breakaway shirt and tie, you’ll see who I am

Cover Art dotponder colors

"This is the intro"
2nd verse

black white Cover Art dotponder colors

I’m just a boy, trapped between two slices of men 

that outer man that learned to fake his way through it.

that inner man that fights to break his way through it. That 

Outer layer was stale, so I made it a Belgian.

I’m the little black kid with karate kicks again

Kickin’ the beat hard like I’m back to breakin’ boards again.

Peel a layer back ‘is this what you were imaginin'?

The inner man propels that inner boy to dance again? 

Cover Art dotponder colors

3rd verse


black white Cover Art dotponder colors

Macro tendencies play out as microindices of aggress
-sive complacency when it comes to my needs.  I cry 
Out at the offense, and you take offense as I wince under the 
Blow and disregard you so willingly show.  Telling me
Let It Go, make like Elsa and turn this pain to a 
Magic show. Just wave your hands and say the words to be as
Whole as before.

Cover Art dotponder colors

3rd verse

black white Cover Art dotponder colors

My psychosis is to only see the world in grays. Elevate
Me to a psychedelic land of waves, where my creative 
Me surfs while my self expressed is nurtured, love 
on my Culture, no energy vultures.  In 
touch with the kid in me wantin' a way to be in a 
Nerd heaven nirvana with flora and fauna from Pandora with
Nayteri and Gamorra  discussing multiverse theories
Flying in the Millennium Falcon, just to park at the Batcave in Gotham

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