Press Coverage

Empathy and Inclusion

Tiffany & Yu, The Podcast, Black & Exhausted, Allyship is Being the Trusted Sidekick (June 2020)

PhocusWire and exPedia, Inclusion Imperative: Gender Diversity in the Travel Industry White Paper (February 2020)

exPedia Group, 10 Tips for Being a Better Ally (November 2019)

Reality Marketing, How to Be An Ally: 23 Resources That Can Help (November 2019)

Better Allies, 5 Ally Actions Newsletter (August 2019)

UnifiedStories, Should You Really Always Say Something? (June 2019)

Black and Highly Dangerous (BhD), Allyship, Privilege, Empathy, and Action (April 2019)

Hubspot, What Does Allyship Mean (December 2018)

Norton Lifelock Blog, Diversity & Inclusion, Where Are You on Your Allyship Journey (Sept 2018)

DiversityEdu, HBCU x LGBTQ, The Ally Challenge, Plastic Straws (July 2018)

Fortune raceAhead, Serena Williams’s First Wimbledon as a New Mother (June 2018)

Fortune raceAhead, Riz Ahmed on Representation (June 2018)

FitBit Life, Global 50/50 Day - 5 Key Takeaways (May 2018)

Young, Black, & Giving Back, The Desire and Will to Mentor a Black Boy 

Other Mentions

TravelNoire, Nipseys Around the World: Corey Ponder (May 2019)

StartingBloc Story Submissions, Interview StartingBloc Fellow, Corey Ponder (December 2018)

Sydel Curry's "A Curry Girl" Launch Party at Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek, Photo (March 2018)

Elite Vivant, Meet Corey Ponder (Mar 2018)

Vanderbilt News,Corey Ponder, BS’07, shares why he is a loyal Commodore (Oct 2017)

Policy Notes, Goldman School of Public Policy - Alumni Profile (Spring 2017)

Vanderbilt Magazine, Vanderbilt For Life: Learning and Adventure Don’t End with Graduation (Oct 2015)

The Lakesha Womack Show, Corey Tells How Giving is Sexy (Feb 2011)

OaklandNorth, UCB Black Students Sober, Charged, Expectant (Nov 2008)

Center for American Progress, Campus Progress Announces 2007 Student Award Winners (June 2007)

NPR, Freedom Riders Roll Again, with Students on Board (Jan 2007)

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