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T.E.A.R.S (through every arrival, reveal strength)

Hold me back.

Don't let me run.

I have no legs. So,

Once I begin to roll,

You won't be able to Slow

My motion.

Cup me in your hands.

So I never have to learn

What it means to fall

Through resistance

Until I find earth or

Hard surface.

Soak me in fabric.

Let me merge with

Every fiber.

It's here I'll find warmth.

Hugged by strands

Manufactured to absorb twice

Its weight.

Out there exposed.

I fade away.

But the memory of me lives

In each streaked path down

Rolling hill, crevice, or valley

Of expression.

Path peppered with

Salt pillars of Sodom

For looking back when

I should have been

Moving on and on.

And on.

I move to a different song.

And it's not clear if

You're ever ready to sing for me.

So if you can't let me dance.

Or let me go. Never let

Me show.


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