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About Me.

Technology Innovator, Policy Expert, Empathy Practitioner

Corey is a multifaceted professional known for his exceptional expertise across diverse domains. With a career spanning technology, policy, and leadership consulting, Corey has consistently excelled in driving positive change and fostering innovation. 

Corey Ponder Professional Headshot

Background & Education

Corey hails from the energized Silicon Peach known as Atlanta, GA.   His time at Vanderbilt University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Political Science and a minor in Music Performance, created an academic foundation for exploring critical thinking and his voice.  Attending the University of California, Berkeley, and earning his Master in Public Policy (MPP), reinforced the importance of making a meaningful impact on society.


Technology & Policy Trailblazer

Corey's career journey began within the U.S. Intelligence Community, where he served in multiple roles for six years, including quantitative methodologist, liaison officer, and targeting analyst.  Before leaving he led a team using advanced data sets and network analysis to detect and assess policy challenges across Africa, Latin America, and global issues.  His expertise in “big data” at the time was instrumental in helping his organization develop lines of business to help leaders make better decisions and develop new agency capabilities to analyze hard targets.


Subsequently, Corey joined Facebook (now Meta Platforms) in 2015 and assumed multiple roles, including Product Operations Manager, Privacy Program Manager, and U.S. Policy Partnerships and Programs Manager.  During this tenure, he managed critical product quality projects, addressing privacy vulnerabilities and launching high priority updates. He also played a key role in representing Facebook in allyship framework development, partnerships, and community engagement events, further solidifying his status as a thought leader.


He returned to Meta Platforms in March 2021 as a Senior Business Development Specialist. His contributions were instrumental in orchestrating partner activation strategies, advocating for well-being and equity, and launching impactful initiatives. He also championed creator safety and well-being and played an influential role in driving cross-functional collaborations to deepen relationships and enhance well-being support.


Corey has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive change and foster innovation, spearheading initiatives that reinforce Meta's commitment to the well-being of creators. He has also played a pivotal role in educating creators on well-being tools and equity, ensuring they have the tools needed to control their Instagram experience.


His achievements extend to Google, where he served as a Senior Policy Advisor from March 2019 to February 2021. In this role, he led cross-functional teams in developing trust-focused answers for Google Assistant and ensuring user data handling aligned with privacy best practices. His expertise in policy advising, stakeholder management, and privacy issue spotting played a pivotal role in shaping user experiences and fostering trust within the tech industry.


Champion of Inclusivity & Empathy

Beyond his contributions to the tech industry, Corey is a dedicated advocate for inclusivity and empathy. He has served as an Advisor for InnovatorsBox, providing strategic guidance to the startup on product development, sourcing opportunities, and business strategy. His commitment to empowering youth voices is reflected in his role as Board Co-Chair for Youth Speaks, where he leads strategic initiatives for positive impact and collaboration.


Additionally, he served InHerShoes Movement as a Council Member, supporting initiatives that catalyze courage for emerging women leaders. His commitment to driving allyship and cultivating men as allies is evident in his role as Senior Director of Allyship at Switch, and he continues to work as a Leadership Consultant helping leaders build more inclusive teams and organizations.


A Creative Soul

In the realm of creativity, Corey is a multifaceted artist known for his experimentation and range. As an independent music artist, he has recorded and released two music albums and one EP, showcasing his talent in music production, songwriting, recording, mixing, mastering, marketing, and publishing. His experience also extends to producing tracks for other artists, demonstrating his versatility in the music industry.

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