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 Corey Ponder 

Technologist. Leadership Consultant. Musical Artist.

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Follow, share, and listen to my latest album COLORS, and unlock a discount code for accompanying merch! 

Register for the last "Pondering Allyship" show of the season on December 20th at 3 PM EST with  tech leader and diversity strategist Bärí Williams and tech product leader Jaime Williams on "Inclusion in Practice."

Listen to my single, Griefstruck, feat. Nicole Young.

Consider supporting Youth Speaks, an org I serve on the Board for, in this season of giving!

Listen to my single, Mr. Congeniality and tell a friend!

Listen to my single, "Resist & Soar" ft. jupo!

I joined Judith Martinez of InHerShoes, Kate Brodock of Switch on Meta Platforms's Business, Innovation, and Technology podcast for a conversation about Building With Empathy.  Listen to the episode here or wherever you subscribe to podcasts.

Missed the "Pondering Allyship" show with Nonprofit leader Judith Martinez, on intention setting and making room for others?  Read the transcript here!

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