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Build empathy. Create impact.

I  believe that empathy is the key to building healthy, well-functioning teams. More professionals are signaling that they want to work for organizations with leaders who care and are motivated to grow as empathetic leaders. I provide practical insights for building better habits that foster more effective leaders.  The services I provide are guided by the following framework:

  1. Activism: I center action, and work toward outcomes where participants have clear follow-ups and actions to be accountable for.

  2. Empathy: is about being a trusted sidekick which has three components that are critical to the work we do together.

  3. Inclusion: Employees are more impactful and innovative when they can safely connect across their differences. 

  4. Openness: I use grounding exercises to help free up our minds and capacity to receive and consider new information.

  5. Personal Story: I respect and center personal stories, and use my own to illustrate lessons around leadership and culture building.

  6. Curiosity: I create space for honest and authentic questions to help clients operate at their edge; this is where we grow.


Empathy is critical to success in our personal and professional lives.  Whether we want to lead, collaborate more effectively, or drive change, it first begins with our capacity to make space for and understand people. Whatever your goals as a company, I want to help you own the solution for improving company culture, and develop personally and professionally in the process.  I look forward to chatting with you about how I can assist with any of the following services.


I help leaders develop their skills, overcome challenges, achieve their goals., and enhance their emotional intelligence,

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I deliver in-person and virtual workshops on leadership skills and fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within organizations.


I am prepared to help leaders create action plans, set goals, define metrics, and develop strategies for conflict resolution.


Corey is a man of many talents with a varied professional background that allows him both the exposure and the stature to be able to lead, guide and inspire on the topic. He’s fair and navigates his way around the topic of Allyship in a very genuine manner...Corey would bring his passion for connecting people as an asset to any institution looking to bring its workforce together.

Marjorie Etter / Meta / Global Training, Knowledge & Change Management Leader

 Corey is able to connect on a personal level with his audience. He is approachable and responsive to his audience’s needs. It is clear from his talk that he is, in fact, modeling the very behaviors he trains: empathy and impact. His ideas on how to use empathy to ally across differences are fresh, thoughtful and practical. 

Aasha M. Abdill, PhD / Bridging Research, Practice, and Communities

Corey ponder is an articulate, creative, and passionate speaker who cares deeply about his audience. He is a master storyteller who brings us along a journey that we can’t help but want to jump into. He is an authentic and wise leader who not only “teaches” us about the value of empathy and allyship, but breathes and embodies empathy and allyship into all that he does. He is heart and fire in the best of ways and the value he brings to any engagement is worth gold.

Kristi Rible / The Huuman Group LLC / Founder and CEO

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