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_____ love.

Distant Love.

You want to be known.

Yet, it's in your nature to elude.

Lucid dreaming finds you sometimes.

But sunshine comes to reveal the wisps

Of an encounter just missed.

A mist we feel trekking through

Undisturbed field just before dawn.

A downpour we seek, each drop

Carries a note of your song?

Confusing Love.

So simply complex.

The root of emotional complexes.

Perplexing monosyllabic entity.

Battling so many.

We grasp at straws

Convinced we've tasted all you have to offer

Left contentedly longing;

Satiably insatiated.

Foolish Love.

Ensnaring, pouncing, overwhelming so that

All the sensations hurdle toward a horizon

That's just out of reach.

Which teaches that you, Love,

Are something to be strived for.

Something to long for.

But never something to attain.


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