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A Fine Dance

How are you?

I'm fine.

If you took me at my word.

That's enough in a word

To bide time

Until I sense

That won't fly.

How are you?


The pause.

A cradle nursing all

Within that 'overall'

Left unsaid.

Rock it gently

And put the unsaid to bed.

Say, how are you?

Well, considering.

Meaning I am used to

Satiating thirst

With half full glasses

And quelling hunger

With empty baskets.

Asked again, how are you?

Why do you ask?

I grasp that

Maybe you see

What I thought invisible

To all but me.

How unnerving

To be seen

In the places I'm hiding.

Or maybe it's exactly

What I need.

To be seen clearly

Through opacity.

On the other side

Of window dressing lies


How am I?

I guess I need you.

No, I know I do.

I need you.

I need you to hear

How I'm doing.

I need you to hear

What you could see

all along.

I said, I'm here.

But now that I'm here

You're somewhere over there.

Pushed beyond

Where my cries

Can find you.

This is why

I stick with 'fine'.

And this is why

This dance continues.


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