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As Luck Would Have It

This bird just designated me the luckiest alive.

Because I've been shit on more times in my life than I can count.

I recount the first blessing's setting fondly.

How lucky was I, under these gray skies as birds flew high, to have my shoe ordained as I paused mid-stride.

A strike from that distance had to be luck.

Through the years, disbelief turned to disgust

Disgust turned to disdain,

And finally disdain turned to delight.

Think of all the factors that must conspire

To win this discarded prize from God's anointed flyer!

Not only the right place and time, but also the right pace and state of mind, to have this experience be mine.

A minute delay by caution; a second ahead by impatience,

And the window closes.

Have you been victimized by shit and runs?

The promise of sunny blue skies

Cut short by a feet-seeking missile? surprise!

Whatever their intent or disregard in throwing shit at you, just remember...

It is a gift; being shit on just means you're in the right state of mind.


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