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At The School Dance

The linoleum echoes,

A glitch

In an otherwise perfect matrix.

Lines of code

As streamers and glittery globs of gold

Rewriting the subtext

Of this cavernous complex.

This place fed hungry souls.

Soles encased in patented leather propel

Preteens forward.

Toward awkward

Encounters in pre-pubescent hell.

For feet find an invisible divider

Separating those that can dance.

From those that have no chance.

And both possibility and angst collide here.

I join the have nots.

Tentpoles at ring’s edge.

Repeating to myself a silent pledge.

I’m not giving away my shot.

Just one question.

“Do you want to dance?”

Just one dance.

Make a good impression.

Tongue ties as palms sweat.

I've solved complex differentials

Navigated academic trials

And yet -

No textbook has prepared me

For diving.

Infatuation depriving

My mind of thinking logically.

There is no definitive solve

With the set of variables here.

The one answer I don’t want to hear

Softens my resolve as the night evolves.

Airborne pheromones mix

Playing tricks on my mind.

Did I come tonight to find

Cupid’s kiss?

At the school dance

I stand, eyes averting,

Shirt tucked uncomfortably in,

Pulled between my skin and underpants.

At the school dance

I've not yet found my rhythm

Within this large algorithm

Predicting I will take this chance.

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