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I know.

I know I want everything to have meaning,

I know I want some things to not mean so much.

I know I want to be loved hard.

I know I want love not to be hard.

I know I want to be held.

I know I want to not be held too tight.

I know I want to fill the space around me.

I know I want to not always feel the space around me.

I know I want to be needed.

I know I want to not want that.

Twins exist in soft opposition

Unexplained except through eyes of Gemini.

I never believed in the Stars’ story about me,

But there’s so much I don’t know about how I work in the world.

I exist between dichotomy.

Between wanting to know everything,

And the things I don't want to know.

Between valuing growth,

And fearing change.

Between happiness in the moment,

And the months I spend planning for it.

Between disciplined time management,

And compulsive habits.

Between boredom

And predictability.

I know, I make no sense.

But also, rarely does humanity.

So I guess I am my most human

As my most senseless, confusing self.

And if I'm not actually alone in between,

Then I know, I'll be ok.


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