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I Need You

The last time I called you.

You didn't answer.

The last time I needed you.

You weren't there.

Because you aren’t here.

Not your fault. But still unexpected.

If absence is eternal, I pray it's peaceful.

But also know, I toil more today.

The world never felt that big

While you were shaping mine —

And then guiding mine —

And then cheering mine.

But now it feels massive.

Every action unfolds pathways

Of infinite variations, each

As exhausting as the last.

I couldn’t wait to grow up,

But always with the knowing

That you would carry me to my room

When I was too weary to walk alone.

Grown me is a more honest me.

Honestly, I still need you.

Even just to validate the things

I already do, rooted in my truth.

It is because I love you

That I persist;

you’ve earned the rest.

Now it’s my turn to carry you.

Your example forms my feet

Sure, steady, and purposeful.

And your love forms my arms

Strong, warm, and reassuring.

Equipped with these, I carry you —

In each moment I choose to live

In each new memory I make

In each step I choose to take forward.


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