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sky teach; sky witness

I bend to the will of the sky.

It opens up, and who am I

but a speck to stand in awe?

To fawn over its beauty?

To fear its power.

We know not the hour

that we will feel the warmth

Of the sun's rays

or the cruel kiss

Of winter shade.

I prepare for the seasons of the sky.

Yet winter will always surprise.

Laying waste to all I love.

Unyielding; unforgiving —

Winter is no friend.

Sunless sky without end.

Or a bright heaven

In a cold, harsh atmosphere.

A light without warmth.

Being my worst fear.

From the spring sky, I embrace

Rebirth’s and Renewal’s grace.

Showers drenching, but refreshing me.

Summer sky brings bounty.

Cloudless skies introduce heat

And infinite possibilities to greet.

And fall sky reminds me

There is beauty in transition.

Trees never truly say goodbye.

They embrace their reinvention.

I fear I miss the lesson in winter.

Any warmth, the cold splinters.

To invite winter is to invite Death.

And I never miss it when it’s gone.

There is wisdom in winter sky, I know;

Gratitude for the thaws that follow

If nothing else but that,

And knowing winter skies do not last

Provides some space to simply

Marvel at sky’s contrast.


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