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Things come together at frayed edges.

A patchwork of stitches

Yet the utility of the garment intact.

If a fabric is made whole again, why not you?

Stitches do not represent the worst of us.

They represent the parts of us that are transformed.

In between our choices, our flaws, and our fears

Lay the intricacies of our intentions and timely intervention.

It's in our wisdom and skill that we weave all three into unique tapestry.

And integrating the accents of events beyond our control with flourish.

It’s what distinguishes us from being discarded as opposed to worn;

What prepares us for the runway, rather than last season’s thrown-away fashions.

I’ve got a passion for making old things new.

I see the beauty in what I piece together.

Because the end product saw life beyond the mannequin.

And each rip, each tear, each hole, was not an end, but a place to begin again.


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